Hi, I’m Irina!

I’m Irina Stanescu, an Engineering Leader with over 14 years of hands-on industry experience in a variety of fields and the author of “Musings of a Caring Techie”.

I'm incredibly passionate about leadership, coaching, supporting people in their growth journey, and helping them transform into the best versions of themselves both personally and professionally.

My heart smiles for each new subscriber, so thank you for being here! 🙏🏻

I started this newsletter because, as a self-identified techie, I realized the word came with somewhat as a bad rep of “not caring”. And if anything, “I care too much”. This newsletter talks about all the things I deeply care about such as leadership, tech culture, mental health, self-development, growth mindset, career growth, high performance, and much more. 

I am a female working in Tech, so I will definitely touch upon that too.

I would love to know, what is the biggest challenge you are struggling with right now related to your growth? How can I support you in your growth journey?

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Irina Stanescu

Staff Software Engineer turned hands-on leader and leadership coach. Ex-Google, ex-Uber, currently at an early stage startup. I write a weekly newsletter for leaders and ICs about leadership, tech culture and building a thriving career in Tech.